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Keep your private life private, and the people you want to work with close.

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Connect with TV colleagues on a professional level. For FREE. Forever.
Keep the industry updated with your exact availability, as well as your skills and experience.
Put together a dream team. Instantly. Search for available talent from your network, and beyond, to suit the dates of your production.
Keep a diary, connect, share, instant message...have fun or keep it professional - it's up to you...

What does it cost?

TrafficLight is FREE for freelancers. Forever.

We don't charge you anything to keep a full profile:

Upload a CV, a Showreel and a Calendar - all completely FREE!

If you're looking for a freelancer, it costs from just 60p to search our huge database.

Registration takes two minutes and it's FREE.

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Who needs it?

1. If you are a freelancer who does a great job and wants to make sure that you are constantly in work, on productions that interest you.

2. If you've been in the industry a while, and want instant access to the availability of the many people you've met over the years..

Remember Bianca, who you worked with last year and could always be relied on when everything went pear shaped?

Connect with her now and stay in touch on a professional level.